Utah Supercharging network

Does anyone know how to request/report the need for expansion of the current supercharging capacity along I-15 through Utah. Going from SLC south to St. George, Las Vegas, California is a popular thing to do, especially in the summer, holidays and weekends. Last few years superchargers were ok with normally 1-2 open stalls upon arrival. (Only 6 in Nephi, 8 in Beaver and St. George). This is just inadequate given the amount of people on this popular freeway corridor...and St. George is a 20 minute detour off the freeway! This summer, on weekends, the chargers are 100% full with a long line waiting. Going from SLC to Las Vegas take 6 hrs without charging (ICE), 7.5 hrs for me with charger (S85D) but 8.5+ hours with my last trip, having to wait 20-30 minutes in line for a charger at each stop and then only getting limited charging due to splitting charging with the A/B stalls. When I cross into the California line, I get 12-40 open stalls all along the I-15 corridor. As Tesla ownership continues to grow, we need to ensure we keep up with the supercharging capacity. Thanks.


  • I was informed they will putting them in at exit 51 by Cedar should be 12 chargers. But they have been having issues with Rocky Mountain Power according to the business owner something about Rocky Moutain power having to upgrade the power lines.
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