Utah Supercharging network

Does anyone know how to request/report the need for expansion of the current supercharging capacity along I-15 through Utah. Going from SLC south to St. George, Las Vegas, California is a popular thing to do, especially in the summer, holidays and weekends. Last few years superchargers were ok with normally 1-2 open stalls upon arrival. (Only 6 in Nephi, 8 in Beaver and St. George). This is just inadequate given the amount of people on this popular freeway corridor...and St. George is a 20 minute detour off the freeway! This summer, on weekends, the chargers are 100% full with a long line waiting. Going from SLC to Las Vegas take 6 hrs without charging (ICE), 7.5 hrs for me with charger (S85D) but 8.5+ hours with my last trip, having to wait 20-30 minutes in line for a charger at each stop and then only getting limited charging due to splitting charging with the A/B stalls. When I cross into the California line, I get 12-40 open stalls all along the I-15 corridor. As Tesla ownership continues to grow, we need to ensure we keep up with the supercharging capacity. Thanks.
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