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Is the Porsche Taycan better than a Tesla?



  • Not sure what you think loaded means
  • Night vision. Heads up. 4W Steering. Advanced 800V EV system.

    Those are the headlines. If you click on the link you will see all the options on the green Turbo.
  • I’ll see all the options?
  • Funny conflating
    a Turbo with a Turbo S. How low must one stoop with prevaricating to save face? There’s a $35k difference in the base price. The “proof” link must have about $38k in options to get up to $188k. Again apples to apples.
  • > @Bighorn said: > Funny conflating a Turbo with a Turbo S. How low must one stoop with prevaricating to save face?”

    That was actually your error when you said you can’t get a Taycan for under $200k when MOST Taycans are under $200k.

    That green Turbo for $188 above....the night vision is hilarious, like Buck Rogers.
  • How exactly does a “turbo” work on an EV?
  • I don’t know, but it you find debadge that joke...
  • *don’t debadge
  • > @Bighorn said: > Lies coming in fast and furious.”

    No end Porsche Taycan Turbo...loaded just $188.
  • Still overpriced for an underperforming vehicle
  • Top end model is Turbo S. Pretty basic fact.
  • > @Bighorn said: > Top end model is Turbo S. Pretty basic fact.”

    And even that doesn’t start at $200k which you claimed was entry price for Taycan’s.

    It’s not.

    Didn’t like the green on the website but in the photos it’s a great electric green...all under $200k.
  • Idiot. Nobody has provided a Monroney from an actual owner of a Turbo S for less than $200k. Tell more lies. Back to your non existent home chargers which render you an expert on the CCS chargers you don’t use.
  • @Bighorn. I take your point on comparability with my former $132k P85D vs a current P and lowered pricing, but even there, the fact is that I was just able to configure a very nice, loaded Taycan with more features than you can get on any Tesla except the AWD and performance, out the door for under $100k with tax credit. We can't take that away from Porsche, and I've been right there with you slamming Darth and Fish on their stupid defenses of the Taycan. However, this is serious progress and if we're being honest advocates of EV travel, it is worth acknowledging this truth. Porsche is now going to sell a lot of these cars - they are finally in the same price range as Boxsters and Caymans at the low end, and equal to the 911 at the high end, with commensurate or better performance. And they are better made and finished than Teslas. I'm not placing an order, but they are now competitive and will be picking up volume. That this is true is a good thing and should not be controversial, even if it appears to be giving something to several assholes on this forum.
  • I agree that it now slots in amongst their other offerings. And if you can get over the slowish relative performance vs a 69k Tesla (I think Brooks got ~3.5 sec vs 5.1 Porsche spec) in order to get the better fit and finish, great. My concern would be two fold. Reliability and getting it home. My last Porsche came from one of the closer dealers 495miles away, so delivery and maintenance become an insurmountable problem in my circumstances, absent a trailer and pick up. The reliability issues of the Cannonball and 11k mile circumnavigation vehicles also raises concern. Perhaps under different circumstances when it’s more road proven.
  • Dave likes to bend over (backwards?) for the Germans in order to make sure he doesn't do anything that is "fair" in comparing the two vehicles. [As an aside: How are those TSLA shares doing for you? Makin' you rich yet?]

    A Performance Model S with FSD is $100,490. It spanks every $100,000 Porsche ever made. Frankly, it spanks EVERY Porsche ever made, but for the purpose of this lesson it destroys Porsche's offerings at the price point, without argument from rational people. It has over 400 miles of range vs 200 miles of range.

    WTF balance sheet is this guy smoking?
  • telsa may not have made me "rich"
    but it hasnt hurt
  • > @jimglas_98269389 said:
    > telsa may not have made me "rich"
    > but it hasnt hurt

    I do wear TSLA $colored glasses since the great awakening of 2020.
  • > @SamO said: > A Performance Model S with FSD is $100,490. It spanks every $100,000 Porsche ever made. “

    Actually the Taycan wins the 1/4 mile due to 2nd gear. Porsche also wins the Nurburgring test races for same reason as Taycans can maintain speed over longer distance than the Teslas.

    Porsche wins the races it was built to win.
  • I think you meant to say Tesla's can maintain speeds over far longer distances than Taycan because Teslas have far more range.

    Let's say both are going 65 mph, the Taycan Turbo S can't even get 200 miles of range, while the Tesla Model S Performance does more than 380 miles. This is with identical EPA testing, not some Tayan hypermiling game from a video.
  • So yes is the answer.
  • New review of entry level Taycan

    Base price just over 70k British pounds, but options add over $38k pounds for a whopping 108k£

    Range was ~70% of stated range. 384 Wh/m

    Interior room was less than a Model 3

    0-60 was 5.2 seconds plus or minus.

    Conclusion. Pay for the 4S because of lackluster performance.
  • I watched it through. Still, in the context of Porsche's lineup, I agree with his conclusion, but if you are a Boxster customer, the rwd outperforms at the same price level and makes EV switch-over sense, and same on up the model line for various Taycan levels through the "Turbo". Which explains the nomenclature. Again, not defending Porsche, and not really a Porsche fanboi as much as a Tesla fan, but with the rounded-out Taycan lineup, and given the standard Porsche approach to having hundreds of configuration options on even the cheapest models, it is a reasonable EV vehicle. Yes, Tesla beats it in some ways. But not in finish and not in quality. Again, I'm not buying one, but was able to configure a very nice, fully-optioned large battery version with a beautiful green metallic exterior and beautiful tan leather interior for under $100k after tax credit. It is very competitive, unlike the Taycan offerings from 18 months ago. I saw three today on the road in the Palm Beach area, a first, and suspect there will be many more.

    Teslas are like Toyotas around here, one on every corner, a dozen in every Walmart lot, and people like exclusivity when paying big bucks - and an entry level Taycan looks just like a high end Taycan, has the same paint, is finished and rides as well, and has that Porsche "image" for whatever that's worth. Tesla carries its own brand identity too, and both are way more positive than the a-hole driver association that goes with BMW in South Florida. In any case, between the better press for the Mustang at the Model Y level, and the entry level Taycan. it's a good thing that Tesla has some stuff in the near term hopper. I do think, however, that it may be forced to twist some incentive levers because the $10k price increases for S and X are creating some headwinds from what I heard at the Palm Beach sales center, and the changes really aren't all that dramatic. Thinking about a refresh X, but expecting a re-look at that price increase and a quarter-end supercharging incentive...
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