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Is the Porsche Taycan better than a Tesla?



  • A primer on Tesla’s superior performance.
  • > @blkice said:
    > Porsche dealer 2 miles from my house. I go there with my friend, has a 911s, two taycan on the floor, one was 197k, other 203k, doors locked,
    > Told Salesman I just bought a MY, he just walked away, kinda hurt my feelings
    > Good looking car, look good in my garage
    > I’ve had two Porsche’s, never again, the required service is a dealbreaker, taycan might be better,

    Some people like being lured back in for service and have the coffee while waiting treatment.

    Is it work the 200k? I don’t think so
  • It's not a matter of better or worse, it's just another good choice. Unquestionably the Tesla is a better car for many things, including road trips, zero to sixty for some models (really a party trick), but the Porsche is better handling and has nicer interior, better overall finish. And you get to pay a lot more for regular service, 'cause that's a Porsche privilege.

    And don't say the Taycan will be cheaper to service than other Porsches. Because there's still gonna be a warning light telling you to change out your five-year-old tires even when they have plenty of tread - and you'll have to pay the man to get that light turned off. 'cause that's how Porsche rolls. Same for a whole slew of other stuff in the Porsche maintenance schedule that they ain't lettin slide - do it or your car is tellin' you 'bout it every time you drive.

    How many Teslas have had their brake fluid changed so far? Precious few. However, if you buy a Taycan, you will be changing brake fluid every two years for $285 whether you want to or not. And you WILL be taking your car to the dealer for that, whether you want to or not. Most cars have a 60,000-mile brake fluid service interval. Porsche's business/profit model is that their super-high-performance sports cars need new fluid every two years, no matter the miles just because they might be going 185 miles per hour and so there. Idiot light comes on and in you go like a good little German drone. Might be worth it, but just beware.
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