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Upgrade power meter panel

Does anyone know about how much does tesla charge to upgrade the existing power meter? My house currently has a pushmatic panel. Thanks!


  • I wasn't aware that they would.

    Be sure to get multiple quotes from local, licensed and bonded, electricians, and follow up with their references. It's a relatively involved process, and can also include the need to upgrade your feed from the utility.

    Electrical work is no place for a "Handyman".

    Be sure to anticipate your future needs, and provide more capacity than is required today. An EV is probably in your future, and they commonly require their own 50A 240V circuit. I don't know anything about your house (but having a Pushmatic panel suggests that it's neither terribly new, nor a McMansion), but I'd put in a 200A panel, minimum. The incremental costs of building in excess capacity today, versus upgrading *again* in the future is minimal.

    Good luck on your adventure!
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