Solar Roof

Solar Roof (panel) savings after 6 years

My house is located in Central NY and is an east/west facing home. I had my solar panels installed on my roof on 10/15/2014.

My panels are not from Tesla or Solar City. I am posting this to show folks why it is worth getting Solar.

My original cost for the 9.9 kW system was around $24k before tax and NYSERDA rebate incentives. The overall costs after Tax incentives was around $7k or less

My overall savings: $8,203.58
58,597.05 kWh x 14 cents per kWh (avg. since 2014 [currently 12.5 cents])

I paid for the cost upfront avoiding interest. I felt if I took out a home equity loan and paid interest monthly, then it would seem like I was still paying electricity costs, but in interest form.

Photo of array and production!AihnWpuO55swj8lWEaPllZeQuDnswA


Studies also showed that the value of your home increases by the original installation costs at the time my panels were installed.

I hope this helps those that are on the fence.


  • Thanks for sharing. I expect these kinds of numbers for the solar glass tile roof, but even better since the solar aspect replaces the shingles roof that would otherwise need to be replaced. Tesla kind of made an alternative that is better than a regular roof, but if you still have 10+ years on your roof, they also made panels even cheaper. I mean, they literally advertised it as make money off it or get full refund. So...... ya. Thanks again!
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