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Powerwall 2 Price schedule

Hi, new to here. I've had the Powerwall 2 now for a few years and have never been able to completely use the price schedule to it's best advantage.
We have Economy 10 electric which gives us 3 time zones at cheap rate (1/2 price). My aim is to try to use only cheap electric for as much as possible, especially during this time of the year when Solar Panels do not provide enough power.
We have cheap time periods of 1.30 to 6.30am which I have added to the price schedule so that the Powerwall 2 is charged up overnight for up to 5 hours at cheap rate. But, we also have another 5 hours of cheap electric split over 2 time periods during the day.
I cannot find a way to add these other 2 periods for charging the battery.
At the moment of course, by lunchtime, the battery is empty and therefore we are using full rate for most of the rest of the day.
Any ideas please on how to program 3 time zones for charging the battery please?
Hope this post is appropriate for this forum.


  • My understanding is currently you can only set one time period. A few other owners have asked for more scheduling options, so perhaps a future software version will include it. I haven't needed it myself, but I can see the value.
  • There is a significant problem with the App not connecting properly to the Powerwall.
  • I too have a similar need for two separate peak periods ( and someone had suggested a 3rd party app that may have the capability but the app is no longer available / working...
  • muganga, Start your own thread, and supply us with details. We might have some suggestions. Do note that we're all customers, just like you. Tesla does not monitor or respond to this forum.
  • Can you please clarify which country you live in? The US firmware doesn’t allow battery charging without Solar. Second, you can only set one peak and one off peak time slot. The rest is considered « shoulder » and it’s used by the firmware as needed. The battery will only discharge during the « peak time ». Sometimes it could discharge during shoulder if it needs to make room for the next charging cycle. Bottom line, what’s important is your « peak time ». How many « peak times » do you have per day?
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