Model S

Half Of daily mileage lost due to phantom Drain!! 44 miles phantom drain 2 days.

So for the past 2 months have had excessive loss of miles . Tesla tells me this is normal.2017 S
209 charge 44 hours ago
-72 miles driven
= 87 current mileage
=44 phantom miles lost . Sentry mode on yes but still

How the heck is this ok?
Over half of my daily mileage is going to phantom loss. Might as well have a gas car.

Any one else have this issue? If so what numbers are you seeing


  • The worst I experienced was 27mi/day in an S without any of the fancy crap. So it could be worse if they decide to make it so. They are probably running your coolant pump 24/7.
  • Is Sentry Mode on? That uses 1+ miles per hour. Turn that and Summon Standby off, and you won’t see that kind of drain.
  • cabin overheat protection on? How often are you waking the car up via Tesla app?
  • Agree with others. TURN OFF SENTRY unless you need it. You should also make sure it isn't activated at work or home. Also, if you wake your car up to check on it, that drains a lot more than you think.
  • Especially if u at home and have your car parked in garage even worse turn sentry mode off when at home. No need to have it on justuneeded drain
  • Chance of drizzle today, so I left my baby asleep all day in the garage.

    She just woke up, and per my monitors (Teslafi and SMT) I have lost 0.02 miles per hour.

    It used to be 10 times that until I learned how to get the car to sleep properly.
  • BTW, 209 miles sounds like more than 78% SOC. This will make the coolant pumps run 100%.
  • As others have said the culprit is Sentry Mode.
  • Make sure the car is plugged in when using sentry mode at home or work
  • I never ever use Sentry Mode...there is a small upside to catch a very rare adverse event but a horrible downside in battery drain that is on all the time. Sentry mode has oodles of useless false positives that need to be deleted form the card. For a while I would rent cars to go to the airport since parking the Tesla and having Sentry Mode waste the battery could leave me stranded since the failsafe 20% didn't get me to the nearest SC.
    It's much more energy efficient to install a regular car alarm. An ICE rental car goes immediately to sleep if you turn off the key..Telsa's should have an instant sleep button.
  • Turn off Calendar sync too. Spend a little money insulating your garage for the winter. Matador foam is quick and easy. Home Depot.
  • sentry = 1 mph
  • > @rickrparker_98305059 said:
    > Turn off Calendar sync too. Spend a little money insulating your garage for the winter. Matador foam is quick and easy. Home Depot.

    Calendar Sync doesn't impact battery drain. The sync happens between the mobile app and the Tesla server, and the car gets the data from the server when you get in the car.
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