Dealer Fee vs. Georgia Consumer Protection

Tesla made news by selling cars without conventional Dealerships. And since there is no dealership, who gets the $1200 "Dealer fee"?

But a larger issue within Georgia is a consumer protection law that requires any advertised vehicle purchase price to include all required cost elements (except government fees: applicable tax, title, tag, and Lemon Law charges). You can't add a Dealer Fee to an auto purchase transaction that raises the cost of purchasing the vehicle above the stated purchase price.

Importantly, it's NOT ENOUGH to say "Excluding taxes and fees", as Tesla does. The website clearly says "Purchase Price" and in Georgia that number is REQUIRED to include the total vehicle cost - except the above government fees. Tesla adds a $1,200.

Here's a link to an article with GA Consumer info:

Title, Tag, and Lemon Law fees are small - much lower than the $1,200 added to the "Purchase Price".

Has anyone raised this issue with Tesla, and if so what was the outcome?
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