Do people buy EV's for environment or for acceleration?

> @lbowroom said: > You push the narrative that EV's are for tree huggers."

The reason Tesla exists is environment, from the stated motives and mission of the founders to the $10B in gov't subsidies, loans and tax breaks Tesla has gotten to the buyers, paying $20k more for a car that's main feature is no emissions.

I'm sure there are some who do get it for the acceleration but fair to say a small (10%?) minority.


  • If that were true, we'd all have Smart EV and Fiat 500e's

    There are dozens of factors for choosing the car. Don't dumb this down to a binary decision.
  • Show me the equivalent car that for $20k less goes 0-60 in 3.2 seconds.
  • I for one brought my first MS in 2012 predominately due to environmental reasons, but have been exceptionally happy with the performance that makes all Tesla's so much fun to drive. The three Tesla's we have owned, 2 MS's, and M3 with Plaid and Trimotor CT on order have made me a Tesla owner/fan for life. Yes I care deeply about protecting the planet but Tesla gives its owners reason to celebrate the incredible performance that takes NO prisoners. ;0)
  • > @lbowroom said: > Show me the equivalent car that for $20k less goes 0-60 in 3.2 seconds."

    So you spent $20K extra for the acceleration.

    But that's not why most people buy EV's. It's not why Tesla makes EV's. It's not why government's require EV's.
  • People primarily buy them for performance an financial reasons. The environment is a positive side-effect bonus.
  • I didn't spend 20k extra if there isn't an equivalent for 20k less.

    Tesla provides world class drivers cars that also are green. There's no compromise there. They aren't nerd pods.
  • > @lbowroom said: > Tesla provides world class drivers cars that also are green.

    I doubt many Tesla owners are "world class drivers" but the Tesla's are at the top in being "green cars".
  • In fact, I can't find a car close to that performance until I get to $20k more than I paid for the Model 3
  • "I doubt many Tesla owners are "world class drivers" "

    What does that have to do with anything? Are you sure you're not a bot?
  • > @lbowroom said: > In fact, I can't find a car close to that performance until I get to $20k more than I paid for the Model 3"

    Yes..some people buy Teslas for the accel but the most for the environment, the reason for Tesla's founding.
  • See, you can't stop trying to pound that message home.

    Tesla mission is succeeding because they provide the compelling performance that drivers have craved since the beginning of the automobile to go along with the green mission.
  • Thank you for providing me with this platform
  • Tesla's first car was a Roadster, not a nerd pod.
  • I think the original fanbois like myself bought Teslas for environmental reasons. The rebates and performance as well as getting rid of the dealerships didn’t hurt either. Particularly with the Model 3 and Y there are many more MAGA hatters who could care less about the environment. But I think it is a good thing. If we could get the whole world to drive Teslas it would be of significant benefit to the environment. The only down side is having to tolerate these morons on the Tesla threads
  • Initially, because of zero emissions and “clean” car.
    Now, lots or reasons, because of zero emissions, clean car, quiet, no gas, simpler (not as many parts), performance, instant pedal response, technology,
    Self image, group image(being part of the movement), moral issue(sleeping better at night knowing you’re trying to make the world a better place), and last but not’s just a better car!
  • Don't mistake my appreciation for performance with, "MAGA hatters who could care less about the environment"

    It's not binary. I'm a democrat who cares about the environment, but I didn't base my car buying purchase solely on it. I didn't have to because Tesla provides both.

    FISHEV portrays owning a Tesla as a duty and that you pay extra just to protect the environment. His message is actually to dissuade people from buying by perpetuating this lie.
  • To pretend that a Corolla and an SR+ are equivalent cars only differentiated by emissions is ridiculous. No one who has driven both can honestly say the experience is anywhere close to equal.
  • Did I mention my previous car was a 500e? Now that WAS a compromise.
  • Tesla never got $10B in subsides. Actually, they got $0 dollars in subsidies. They did get a loan that they paid back in full with interest, unlike other ICE automakers that have yet to pay back those loans. GM & Chrysler got massive government bailouts in 2009 - Tesla got zero. Now I think that was appropriate for the government to do that, so I'm not berating other companies for taking tons of cash to stay afloat. I expect those same automakers also took a ton of money this year from the government to stay afloat again. At some point, we may be better of letting them die if they can't run their business without massive bailouts. We are far better off with companies like Tesla that don't require handouts every few years.

    Of course, ICE owners have gotten trillions in subsides from cheap gas over the years. Paid for with endless wars and almost free leases of government lands for drilling and fracking. Then there is the massive water and air pollution the oil industry and ICE cars create, for which the taxpayers have to clean up costing billions more.

    For me I felt getting a Tesla was a way to help stop the need for endless middle-east wars, stop massive pollution, reduce CO2, and avoid breathing carcinogenic fumes to fill up. Getting off-grid was also a priority, so generating my own solar power is great and I now power my car completely from solar at home. Now getting a far superior car that has great performance, technology, and rated as the safest car sealed the deal.
  • Thanks TeslaTap. Well said. I also have a 9.6kW solar array and recently added 2 powerwalls. I enjoy the convenience of primarily charging my car at work at one of 36 chargepoint stations.
  • Tesla does not get the federal tax credit for EV purchases. I do, a taxpayer, who paid into the pool of money that was sent to other taxpayers like me who also paid into it. We the taxpayers funded it for ourselves. I will remain appalled if this actually needs to be explained.
  • I like the Teslas fir the tech.

    But I still enjoy ICE cars, I like to work on them for fun.
  • I was enjoying being the only vehicle on a mountain road so I had the sunroof open. Then I ended up behind three stinky vehicles. I had to close the sunroof and run Bioweapon defense mode. The drivers of the cars had their windows down. The vehicles were in descending generation order with a modern Corvette in front of me. It's too bad they were desensitized to the smell of the toxic air that they breathed.
  • I bought mine (three of them actually) because it's the best damn car I've ever driven. That and I like to show off to my neighbors how much better and richer I am.
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