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Tesla Latin America, I have wondered a lot about If Tesla interests her, countries like El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, and all those who appreciate the brand very much, I consider myself a fan, and my question how can I be a supplier of the brand or how I can help distribute tesla vehicles.

I have the following questions, how can I become a supplier?

Is it possible for a mortal to sell electric cars in these countries? I know we are not first world countries. But to convert we should have access to these new technologies that help us to revolutionize the way we transport ourselves in a clean and efficient way.

I open debate and it reaches Father of Tesla, How can a mortal Living being, Be part of the supplier network and support in the acquisition of these vehicles and other technologies. like Solar Roof !!. etc....

My name is Kevin Cruz.

And I want to bring these technologies to these countries!
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