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Powerline upgrade - 30K

My friend, who lives in the hills in Los Angeles shares a long driveway with other houses. The LA DWP just did their site map, as they require before a customer can install solar. They said the install would require an upgraded power line. My friend was quoted 30K to dig a 250 foot trench from his power meter to the street to house this new line. I'm don't know if Tesla quoted this or DWP. As is, due to this unexpected cost increase, he plans to abandon the install. Have any of you encountered this situation? Do you have recommendations about how my friend might reduce this cost.


  • It is possible to DOWNGRADE your primary service feed in order to avoid this. Let's say you have a 200 amp service the DWP says the solar load requires a an increase to a 400 amp feed. If your electrician backs you off to a 100 amp service - your feed from the grid is obviously limited as is your ability to push electrons back to the grid is constricted. But if your batteries, regular house service and things like an EV can absorb the excess of your peak output, no need for the larger feed.
    It's sort of counterintuitive and is dependent on local codes and the utility - but can't hurt to ask...
  • I'm with Jones...Your friend is not going to *increase* the load from the utility with solar PV, they're going to *decrease* it.

    Insisting on a larger main feed is just plain ignorant.

    The mind boggles at the stupidity of the DWP "planners".
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