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So it's been a little over a year now since TESLA cancelled the SOLAR CITY app, and?

SOLAR CITY was a great company that had a fantastic monitoring app which would work on mobile or a desktop. It gave up to the minute production details and also allowed you to see other solar systems production in your area (ampit). In addition to Tesla offering sub-par customer service, their mobile monitoring app is lacking the two afore mentioned features (both of which I really enjoyed using), and also isn't available on a desktop...? Why did TESLA forcibly end the awesome experience that I was enjoying with Solar City app? I don't understand why would a company implement an inferior, less functional product? I wish I could get my Solar City app back. I've called their customer service dept about five times over the last year to ask if they will ever be implementing those features that I am still missing but nobody knows anything!


  • Here you go:

    On a desktop, log into the really old SolarGuard site, and use the login credentials (email and password) that you historically had used for the MySolarCity site:

    After you're logged in notice the URL at the top of the browser window. (It starts with "HTTPS".) The numbers and letters after the "=" is your installation ID. (It's about 32 characters, with dashes). Copy the installation ID.

    Open another window specifically for the MySolarCity site, and type in (or copy and paste from here):

    Where the "XXX" is, replace it with your installation ID. This *should* take you past the now-missing MySolarCity login screen, and take you directly to all of the energy data goodness that was the MySolarCity site, including real-time data, if you click on the "Now" tab.

    Note that this will only work for legacy SolarCity customers, and who knows how long access will last.

    Also note that the elderly SolarGuard site also has the ability to download data from the current day, all the way back to the installation date under Solar City, in fifteen minute intervals. I encourage you to do so. I've found this data to be the most accurate as compared to the data on the inverter itself.


    PS: I'd like to thank user Noam, for pointing out this method to us legacy SolarCity customers. Thanks again, Noam!
  • I was happy to provide the link to the old "public" data pages. One thing to keep in mind is that consumption data in the older SolarGuard (if it was available) might not be accurate (depending on the specifics of the installation), which was one of the major reasons they moved from that to the PowerGuide.
  • Ah, thanks. Didn't know that.

    What's really curious is that the SolarGuard site is spot-on with production data. The site's lifetime number from my late 2015 PV install agrees exactly with the front display on my inverter. The MySolarCity site is a percent or so off, even though they both use data from the same Com Gateway box. (I don't have a PowerBlaster.) Weird.

    The numbers from the CTs on my TEG and Powerwall installation are consistently way 2-3%. Certainly not "revenue grade" by any stretch.
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