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Model X Range

It seems I am getting less than 200 miles per charge, with no extreme temperatures or driving conditions and vehicle is less than a year old. Advertised at 300 miles. Any thoughts?


  • I haven't been charging my long range Model X to the max regularly (as recommended), but my mileage per charge has been accurate thus far. For long trips I drive like an old man though. When I first took possession of mine back in May 2019, I made the mistake of punching it several times on the way home and ended up rolling in to my garage with 10 miles left on the charge.
  • When I reported a similar issue to the Tesla service center, they did a quick diagnostic of the battery health and said it is ok.
    And they said "The only way to get the advertised range is to charge to 100% and wait till it drops to 10% and again charge to 100% a few times. This will make the battery know that you will be using its full capacity."

    I tried it a few times, but didn't want to risk the life of the battery, so nowadays I'm only charging to 90% and when it is below 20% I charge it again. So effectively, I use 90 - 20 = 70% of total battery capacity, for which I am getting close to 150 miles. So, technically my battery has a range is 150/0.7 = 215 miles. They advertised the range as 237 miles on my ModelX, so I can understand a small degradation in range over the past 3.5 years, or due to road conditions or driving speed. Using the same calculation, You should get 300*0.7 = 210 miles +/- 20 miles.

    The problem here is, electric cars don't give 100% range on regular usage, and that is something we have to factor in. Unless we have range equivalent to a gas car, we will definitely notice this as a hindrance.
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