RV battery power

The use I am interested in is battery power plus solar for an RV. Not the drive train yet, since it seems battery technology is not yet there to both power the drive train and also key electrical accessories. Meaning able to run the AC overnight and a microwave for making hot drinks and a fridge freezer using stored solar power, with power left over for smaller power consumption uses. I envision a system with a rooftop solar collector or a unit that can be set up near the RV when boondocking or both plus able to plug in to charge. How close and how easy does this seem?


  • I've already looked into what you'd gain in milage if you had most of a 39 ft rv roof full of solar panels and it's not much really. If anything it would compliment the entire setup but funding wise it's not entirely worth it. ~10mph in direct full sunlight with 800 watts in solar power. (Give or take this is off the top of my head.) As for the power it's advertised for power tools so what I've been guessing is it'll be a regular outlet probably on some sort of 15amp fuse like a home or generator which would infact be able to power one rv air conditioner for at least ~20 hours. I don't know how hard this would be on the battery but only time shall tell. If you're willing to invest enough money for solar I'm sure you could definitely get more than 10mph but I was limited to my rv roof. Also I'm not sure if they'll actually allow you to charge and discharge at the same time but idk.
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