Model 3

Autopilot Cameras Unavailable - Features may be restored on next drive

Hi Guys,
Looking on the Model X page I note that others have experienced this issue before but I did not find a resolution.

I have a UK Model 3 Long Range only two weeks old, washed it for the first time yesterday (Saturday) and I started getting this error on the screen about an hour later, I got in the car this morning and I still have the same error.

I tried a reset today by pressing both buttons on the steering wheel, but no change unfortunately.

The software version is: 2020.36.11

Any ideas please guys?


  • If you display the cameras on screen, are the images good?
  • Usually you get specific camera not working message. If it is saying all of them, then get thee to a service center via the app.
  • What did you wash it with? Pressure washer direct at the seals around the cameras can lead to water ingress, it took about 3 months for mine to recover completely.

    I now use a karcher soft brush which gives a constant flow of water, but not under pressure and only use a pressure attachment for hard bits of dirt (that I don't want to scratch the paint by rubbing) and only if they're not near a seal.
  • I have the same problem since I picked the car new last Friday. Drove around this weekend a bit waiting for the system to recalibrate/reset but still happening. When I bring the cameras view, it is the drivers side that has an issue, no image. I am running 2020.35.101 code.
  • Same as the OP, I’m in the U.K. and I’ve gotten this a few times on my 3 recently too. 2020.40.3
  • My passenger side repeater camera was dead on the day of delivery (last Friday). Since then, I learned of this happening in now 6 instances with Q3 builds. Maybe there was a bad batch? I'm taking mine back tomorrow, but I heard the cameras are backordered (of course). I will suggest they pry one out of a showroom car.

    I had the same issue (AP not available as not all cameras are available). If you call up the camera on the screen and scroll up, you'll see which are working and which aren't. For my right side repeater, all I could see was a black rectangle with a faint spinning wheel inside. I looked behind the wheel well and could see/feel that both connectors were intact, so I'm guessing the camera is dead.
  • I don't know if this will do anything or even if it's available outside the US, but the last time I was showing all of the various settings on my 3 to someone who's thinking of purchasing one I ran across a selection to recalibrate cameras. I can't remember where it was.
  • It’s on service. I did that in the U.K. and it doesn’t fix the issue.
  • I'm also getting that message, ever since delivery last Saturday (when I noticed the car was wet, probably from being hosed down - mmm I wonder if there's a connection there, vis first post on this). However the cameras all seem to be working, with images appearing as traffic passes. I haven't given it the full test yet though. Anyway I've arranged a mobile visit to clear it as it is quite annoying.
  • I had this message as well. Mobile service came out to replace the camera and it has been working fine since.
  • @Speedtest and @Capital_AL1 what version of FSD computer do you have? 2.5 or the new 3.0?
  • Same problem here.. only couple of months old. Apparently, according to service advisor, bad batch of cameras, and the replacement on b/o. Hoping to have new camera module in a couple of weeks. AP still works.. predict she has a little bit of a blind spot though!
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