Model X

Brand new Model X with dark center panel and dashboard panel

Just received my MX 2020 on 10/1; all good for 24hr then dark center panel and dashboard panel. Talked with support and no help with rebooting,etc. Had to use the Tesla app to override the car and get it to local support. They unplugged everything from mcu and replugged cables and reinstalled latest software. All fine until today 1 week later. Drove car to my Mississippi vacation house - all ok. Got in car with family to drive back to Metairie, La and same problem with center panel & dashboard; drove home with Tesla app in control - not comforting at all. So 2 episodes in 1 week - no confidence in car at this point. Going back to service in am.
Doors & windows work and hear turning signal. Radio on.
Any thoughts?


  • Take it round the back of the shed and shoot it?
  • MCU2 (the center computer and display) has been exceptionally reliable, but perhaps you got a bad one. It might also be a bad connection, one of the hardest things to diagnose and fix. Hopefully, they can sort it out. Hope you let us know what they find out.
  • Still in shop; going thru logs to see if they can identify the problem; seems to me they will have to fix a bad connection or replace mcu2 - bad memory chip possible;
    I may have to take it to the woods in Mississippi and shot it.
  • Don't shoot down into the battery pack or the car could burst into an uncontrollable rage.
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