How far can Tesla grow?

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What is the endpoint of growth for a company like tesla?

OK, I need more help on my ANALysis
auto industry sales are here:

So maybe we reach 100 million each year before too long
Optimistic! 25% of those would be tesla or ecars
25 million units per year
@50K each=1,250,000,000,000 in revenue 1.25Trillion
25% profit=312.5billion

113.78 million shares outstanding per finviz
Seems to be $2746 profit per share

At a reasonable p/e of 15, forward share price could grow to
41,190 ? Currently trading around 32?


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    Maybe I should buy couple of hundred shares after all...
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    Greedy! Every 100 shares would be ~$4 million. Surely you don't want to selfishly appropriate that much of the world's resources!?

  • Probably Tesla could grab 25% of the worlds auto sales and get bigger than GM... in 25 years? but do they want that? GM sure did some dumb things when it was at its peak size in the 1970's and 1980's.

    I hope Tesla builds up its volume, clears its debt and makes a lot of money for its shareholders - but most importantly I hope it stays smart, efficient, customer savvy and delivers ever better value for the money. Sure Tesla will make vans, SUVs and other boring cars, but it started by making the Roadster! It has the soul of a sports car and that makes it the coolest car company ever.
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