Model Y

What are you folks using to clean the seats?

AS the subject ask's... What are you folks using to clean the seats and interior of your MY?

I like using 303 Aerospace sprayed on to a cloth towel to wipe down the dash and door panels, but would like some suggestions on the seats.



  • The general consensus is simply use baby wipes or si are wipes. When my brother took delivery of his Model 3, they also recommended Magic Eraser. Any mild cleaner will work. The seat material is polyurethane.
  • soap and water
  • 99.9% water baby wipes
  • I've had better experience with Armor All cleaning wipes than disinfectant wipes.
  • I only used Adam's Polishes interior detailer on my previous Model 3 and new Model Y. I use this spray with their gray utility towel. Not much of a fragrance and it leaves the surfaces clean and matte looking. Not the glossy look that attracts dust and finger tips.

    I also love Adam’s VRT to keep the rubber trim on all doors and frunk/trunk from drying out and to provide UV protection.
  • Using wipes is a waste or rather creates waste. One, you shouldn't be putting any dressing on your seats, because it's just going to come off and onto your clothes. So that is a waste of time and product ($$$). Two, and dressing applied to the dash will only create glare on the windshield. Three, any dressings inside the car will, particularly in the hot sun will evaporate or what is called "gas out". This will over time create a gray film on the windows.
  • I use Chemical Guys - Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant. You can get it on Amazon.
  • Polyurethane isn’t going to absorb any “protectant”. It will be nothing more than on the surface and the second you slide across the seat, it will come off.
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