Tesla Repairs and Modifications

Hi All,

I wanted to share my recent experiences with you all and provide some recommendations. I recently purchased a Tesla Model S and have had some issues. I needed to have my front bumper resprayed so I visited Paint Chip in Brent Cross ( The customer service is a solid 15/10 and the final product is life factory new.

After purchasing my Model S I wanted to customise some aspects of the car. I got all of the chrome wrapped in gloss black and all badges wrapped white as well as my door handles and the rear windows in chameleon (a tint that replicates the sunroof of all Tesla's). I got this done at Eclipse Automotive Films ( The owner Fabio is incredible and honest literally the best you will find.

Happy to provide photos of both if people are interested.



  • What repairs? All you are doing is posting an ad for that shop.
  • Before and after pics of car showing modifications/repairs or it didn't happen.
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    > @jordanrichard_629778 said: > What repairs?"

    New bumper.

    > @jordanrichard_629778 said: All you are doing is posting an ad for that shop."

    Sharing owner experience at two shops that provided good service on Tesla, the purpose of Tesla forums.

    @Pree dont mind the fandogs, all bark, no bite. Tesla neutered them a few months ago.
  • He didn't say he got a new bumper. He got his bumper repainted.
  • > @jordanrichard_629778 said:
    > He didn't say he got a new bumper. He got his bumper repainted.

    Ah so you saw the repair and ignored it. That's why your comment above was wrong.
  • Painting a bumper is not a repair like getting a new bumper. No one ever got an oil change and said "I got my oil repaired"
  • @FISHEV Thank you for your kind words. It's sad to see people be so unnecessarily aggressive. Anyway, I like to share my good experiences rather than people going to a random place that come without a recommendation. I will try to attach some photos to help people.
  • for customisation to my Tesla see:
    it was previously factory white but other than black alloys which had been done by the previous owner.

    I can't seem to upload photos on here otherwise I would show you the repair of the previous owner and the strip and repaint of paint chip!
  • @Pree

    Looks clean, all monochromatic and the like.

    It's those sort of subtleties that set a car apart from others of the same marque.
  • @Pree, did you pay to have the bumper resprayed?
  • @"blue adept"

    Thanks mate. Yes when I typed it out it sounded like I had a lot done but when you see the car they are small and subtle changes that really improve the car in my opinion :) > @derotam said:
    > @Pree, did you pay to have the bumper resprayed?
  • > @derotam said:
    > @Pree, did you pay to have the bumper resprayed?

    No I didn’t pay as this was a preexisting issue with the car before I bought it.
  • @Pree

    You're welcome! Despite however much is made of extravagances and flamboyant gestures, it's really the details that make the most significant impact.

    Good luck keeping her clean though, 'white' attracts dirt like a magnet.
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