Our app to track charging costs just released

We just released the first version of our free Eevee app for iOS and Android, which is our first step towards reducing emission by making electric driving more attractive. In this version, we focused on two problems: “What exactly are my charging costs?” and “How can I add my costs to my accountancy?”.

We actually are Tesla (and other EV) enthusiasts that happen to build mobile apps. After we built some initial “Hey Siri, honk my horn” stuff, we quickly started building an app that helped us to use our car to our advantage. Currently we have about 10 electric vehicle owners in our team, so we managed to build an app we like to use ourselves and which we strongly believe in.

Our goal is to build this app with the active electric vehicle owner community. Today, we’re not reaching out to report any bugs in our app (We do a lot of in house testing and we also get crash reports), but we are eager to know if you like this app? Does it solve problems for you? Can you easily find what you look for? Does it frustrate you? Do you want to throw your smartphone against the wall while you use it? (Disclaimer: we won’t take responsibility for that).

We hope to make this the first post of a thread that helps us build a better app and ultimately reach our final destination while enjoying the ride.
To download, get the app here:


  • How does it handle the home charging rates?

    Does it auto interface with the charging apps like EGvo, EA, etc?
  • Great another somebody on the internet to whom we can give our Tesla credentials.
    No thank you.
    Good luck with others though.
  • “ Does it auto interface with the charging apps like EGvo, EA, etc?”

    Probably just deals with viable charging solutions
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