Solar Panels

Tesla Solar Panels installed over a month ago & SCE hasn't received application for Interconnection

Tesla told me my interconnection application would be sent to SCE within a couple days of installation. SCE emailed me last week (4 weeks after install) and said they haven't even received the application for interconnection from Tesla yet. It's now been over a month, and my numerous emails to Tesla (and my rep) go unanswered. My 16.32 KW system + 3xPowerwalls are just collecting dust, while my $1,000 monthly electric bills continue to accumulate - because I can't turn the damn thing on! Don't get me wrong....the system was far less expensive than other competitors, but the service is crap. I hope the lack of service will be worth it, if I can ever get my system turned on. I feel like I'm 95% there, and I can't get any answers. Aarg!!!
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