Model X

USB ports stopped working on Model X

My USB ports stopped working on my new model x , won’t charge my phone using the built in charger or my phone chargers that work when I plug them into a different source in my house. Any ideas ?


  • Are all the ports not working? Do you have any other device you can test the ports with?

    There are two in front, two in the center, and the rear ones (if 7 seater). There is no fuse just for the USB ports, so either it's a bad connection or the MCU2 has a problem. I expect you'll need service to sort it out.
    usb ports started working again after new update
  • Thanks for the report. I wrongly expected it was a hardware issue!
  • My usbs went bad and i did eventually get a ranger out. They had failed but of course they blamed user error so i had no warranty. Kansas City Tesla are cheap, waste my time and cancel service like a teenager. Nothing good about how cheap they have proven to be.
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