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How to find out the exact time of a power outage

On the mobile app for the Powerwall, under History, it shows how many minutes the power was out. How can one tell the exact time that the power outage started and ended?


  • As I recall - the start time only posts during the current event - while you are without grid power. Once an event goes into history, it's just the date and duration.
  • You recall correctly, Jones. Shame it's not logging time, too. That would be an interesting data point.
  • Anyone have any ideas about how to trigger an email or a text when an outage event begins and when it ends?
  • In the Tesla app, under settings (the gear in the upper left corner), select "Notifications". Click on the little circle to the right of "Power Outage" until there's a check mark in it. You should then get a notification chime on your smart phone that power has been lost...if the app was active at the time of the grid loss.
  • Hal,
    I am on IOS and would classify myself as moderately proficient - not an expert by any means. I have tried to find a method that would convert a notification (from the Tesla App) into some sort of event like a calendar entry, generate a message or an email in order to get a persistent time stamp and can find no way to do it. Perhaps there is a power user in the group that has some magic sauce...
  • Hi Jones and Greg - thanks for your comments. Greg: I've had the notification checked and it works *sometimes* and even then does not notify me when the power is restored. Very frustrating! Jones: Your thinking makes sense. It seems reasonable to expect Tesla should give us that function, with a simple text message when a power outage begins and when power is restored. Is anyone from Tesla reading this thread and could you please comment on this possibility?
  • Unfortunately, I've seen no evidence that Tesla monitors this forum.
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