Northern California

Can't get new temp tags from Tesla

I purchased a used Model 3 in July and picked it up from the Fremont Delivery Center. It has been 3 months and I have not received any title, registration or license plates from the California DMV. I contacted my delivery specialist at the end of August about this, and it took a month of my constantly calling/emailing him to finally get an answer from him that Tesla has lost the title for the car and has filed a replacement title request from the DMV. It will obviously take a lot longer to get the process completed and the temporary license/tags they gave me at delivery will expire.

My delivery specialist then promised me that I would get new temporary tags from Tesla in the meantime and that they would be FedEx'd overnight. It's been a almost a month since he made that promise. I have tried calling and emailing him every few days for weeks now, but he has continuously been stalling and hasn't provided me with any useful update. The last time I asked he didn't even bother to respond, and now my tags expire tomorrow.

Has anyone been through a similar experience and can you suggest how to deal with this? How can I escalate the issue? If I call Tesla, I get buried in automated voice messaging systems and can't ever reach someone who knows what they're talking about. Thanks.
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