Model X

Charging Cable

I got my new Model X delivary on Sept 30,2020.I have a Model 3 as well so when I came home I just used my model 3 cable for charging new model x.I have 240 volt outlet in my garage for home charging.Today I was checking and noticed that new model x box has only attaching accessory for 120 volt but not 240 volt accessory.My old model x 2016 came with it and my 2019 model 3 also came wit it.Did Tesla now only give 120 volt charging accessory with cable and not 240 volt accessory


  • Yep, it's been that way for a while now. The Gen1 and Gen2 adapters are not compatible, and you'll need to buy the adapter beyond the included 120VAC adapter. While NEMA 14-50 is popular, there are many other connections people need instead if they don't buy the HPWC. I always had to buy the NEMA 6-50 connector from day one on each Tesla.
  • So NEMA 6-50 connector is better or 14-50.What is the difference between them.I have 240 volt outlet with 50amp breaker.
  • The 6-50 doesn't have the neutral wire or pin, which Tesla doesn't need or use. It's an older standard. Most newer places install a NEMA 14-50, which has the neutral wire. It could be some other device may require the neutral, but unlikely for any EV today or in the future. Note that if you install a 14-50, you MUST have the neutral wire to meet code.
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