Solar Roof

Hybrid Solar Tiles + Panels


Has anyone set up a hybrid system where part of the roof contains solar roof tiles, and another portion has solar panels? Such as a combination of pitched roof with tiles and a flat roof with panels? Is this type of system possible?

I'm asking because the solar tiles require at least a 2:12 roof pitch, and a section of my roof is less than that.


  • I don't see technically why it couldn't be done, but I suspect Tesla either does panels or solar roof. Might be hard to get them to do both, but you can always ask.
  • Every time someone brings up the idea of a Tesla solar *custom* job, in my mind I hear "cha-ching!"

    Tesla's well-known very competitive pricing model depends on their cookie-cutter approach to system design, with three basic system sizes. Vary from that, and pricing will likely look more like their competition.

    No doubt, Tesla can do what you want, but you may not want to pay what it costs. It also appears that orders straying from the basic three configurations get pushed back in the line. Delays reported on this forum look outrageous, for custom jobs.
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