Purchasing Tesla if country not listed


If I remember right, there was a special email where I should address for invoice and make arrangements if I am from EU country which is not listed in Tesla web-shop
Can anyone tell me ?


  • I am not aware of that, but if you live in an EU country not officially supported by Tesla (like I do - Bulgaria), you can just contact the nearest service center / store and take it from there.
    You would probably want to do at least a test drive or see the car before you buy it. Then you can arrange the rest with that service center/store.
    They can't reject you ordering a car, but they will probably ask you to pay the local VAT, and after that you will have to do the same in your country.
    Then you can provide proof of that to Tesla and they have to refund the VAT you paid.
  • Here in UK, when I purchased my pre'order, I ended up with reservation for a model "P" and next to no clarity over what or when.
    Whole load of opinions is reecking of a more than a year of delays, that put me in a very peculiar situation, that I need work vehicle very soon, looking at alternatives (near none)...
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