Model Y

Like the y wish I had an s

My model y is nice but I keep comparing it to the 2016 S I owned a while back. It’s been 2 weeks buyers remorse is something ill have to deal with.

I think what I miss most is the more refined ride and some of the controls it had in an easier to use place. The wipers are one example.


  • it will take a little while but you will get use to layout. I set the wipers to auto
  • Set to auto they work rather well. if you need a wipe just tap the button on the stalk and they wipe once.
  • I have both a 2016 Model S and one month old Model Y. These are two different cars but I expected nothing less. For 20 grand more, you get a true luxury car. The Model S is like driving a Mercedes S class. The Model Y is like driving a BMW X3 or Ford Edge Sport. I have owned all of these cars and I will say the Model Y is by far the best SUV I have driven but it will never reach the level of the Model S. Nor should anyone expect it to be the same. If that level of luxury is desired in an SUV, then the Model X should do the trick - yes, open you pocket book! As far as the controls, yes they are different but now that I have figured out the Model Y, I have trouble going back to the Model S. I guess it is all what we get use to.
  • @2manycars - I have owned several S, a 3 for a short time, an X and now a Y. I like the Y OK except the battery size. I did not realize how much difference in a road trip the bigger battery made in terms of jumping over the next SC -
  • For some reason I find the screen on the Y more distracting than I did on my S. I’m not quite urea why, but things like adjusting the wipers if auto isn’t doing its job, or finding an entertainment source more difficult on the Y. I think once I’m used to the layout it will be easier, but even my wife says I’m looking at the screen far more than I did with the 2016 S I owned. As far as range goes, I had a 75D and my Y has more range than it did
  • 2manycars - what size wheels do you have on the MY? The larger size wheels will ride rougher than the standard wheels. I test drove an MY with the larger wheels and it definitely has a bumpier ride than the MS i used to own. They didnt have an MY with standard wheels for me to test drive. I am hoping an MY with standard wheels is almost as comfy a ride as an MS, but maybe it isnt?
  • I have the 20 inch wheels. I wish I had done the standard 19 inch, but as they say “ hind sight is 20-20.
  • Thanks 2manycars. Yep, if i order and MY it will be with standard wheels. would like to test drive one with those standard wheels first tho. One trick i have done with one or two cars i have owned (cant remember which cars) was to lower the psi in the tires a couple pounds. this gives a cushier ride at the sacrifice of handling and tire longevity. but sometimes it is worth it!
  • It took me about two weeks, but after that I found I really prefer not having a central gauge cluster or complicated steering wheel stalks. It's like Mac v. Windows - a matter of preference, but I say give it a chance.

    One thing I really didn't like about driving the S is the lack of passenger compartment storage space. Having no door pockets is a real inconvenience.

    I agree with the MY being compared to a Ford Edge, rather than, say, a Lexus RX in terms of quality and fit and finish. That also took me a while to get through my head - that it's not a $50K "near-luxury" car, it's a $50K "technology" car that is typically American in terms of fit and finish. Bumping up to near-luxury class would be getting an MX at $80K.
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