Solar Panels

Horrible customer service!

I am trying to get a home equity line of credit and my bank tells me that there is a lien against my house for my solar panels, Tesla has to eitehr provide a UCC termination or a subordination agreement, otherwise no loan. I submitted the form online and have to pay $150 to get the letter. They never disclosed there would be a lien against my house, my bank says that should have been done, kind of shady business practices. I have been on hold for 62 minutes, finally a person gets on the line and then tells me to hold on 'just a second.' 10 minutes later and he just came back. I told him about the wait time and said that was normal, sometimes it's up to 2 hours. And they are okay with that. He said that's just the way it is. Such a high-tech company can't figure out how to do a call-back system? Really??? WTH. If I weren't locked into this company I would leave. Referal? I don't think so.


  • I was initially told by my Las Vegas advisor that since I was a cash purchase there would be no lien on my property and I could go forward with my refi. The next day I posed the same question to my local representative, and was told there would definitely be a lien placed on the home. This was confirmed again the next day by a local manger that called to inquire about the initial misinformation. As a result, I put the project on hold for a few weeks while the refi was completed. The Las Vegas office seems to be a revolving door of new, minimally trained "advisors".
  • I'm sure the lien provision was clearly spelled out in the contract you signed. You DID read it before signing...right?

    You'll get a lien placed on the property by Tesla for any contract that's not an outright cash purchase. It protects their interest in the installation, and is common practice.
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