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Hi everyone,

One of the most frequent requests we get is for "more information," not necessarily on a particular issue, but across a wide range of issues. It turns out that many of you have the same questions on the same subjects at the same time and we've been trying to figure out a way to provide "more information" on a fairly regular basis in a way that is visible to as many people as possible. As a result, we are going to implement something called a "Bulletin Board" in the next few days that we hope will be a productive way to provide "more information" to everyone.

The Bulletin Board will be located at the top of our Tesla Motors Forum and will consist of two elements:

1) A place to ask questions

2) An expanding and evolving list of answers to the most frequently asked questions

The purpose of the Bulletin Board is to answer whatever questions are being asked by the most people at any given point in time. We will update the Bulletin Board on a fairly regular, but undefined, basis. We will update based upon the flow and subject matter of the questions asked.

To keep the bulletin board as focused as possible, the comments feature below each answer will not be activated and I will not be answering any individual questions. This is not meant to be a "New Forum" where topics get discussed and debated. It is a location where we can provide information that will hopefully answer a lot of questions… questions that will then undoubtedly be discussed and debated on the usual forums at length :)

This Bulletin Board is a test. We are going to try it out and see how it is received. If it seems to work, we will continue using it. If it causes more problems than it solves, we'll discontinue it. I am actually very bullish on doing this. My only concern is this… One of the things I hear a lot is, "We need more information, I know the news might not always be good news, but I'd rather get bad news and know what's going on vs not getting any news at all." My experience is that this is usually true…right up until someone receives bad news :) I hope this does not become the norm on the Bulletin Board. We're going to try to be open, honest, transparent and candid about things that are going on. I think some information we post on the Bulletin Board will be considered positive, some will cause some reflection, and some will cause some angst. I think that is how it should be if we are answering a wide cross section of questions from a wide cross section of people. My goal is to tell you what is going on, answer the most frequently asked questions, and try to provide a place where there is consistency of information on the most active issues of the moment.

Be on the lookout, we will be launching soon with a few answers to a few current questions to give everyone an example of the types of topics and level of detail to expect in the answers.

This Bulletin Board is not meant to replace our Ownership Team, Configuration Team or Delivery Team interaction at all. It is meant to be a place where we can answer questions that numerous people have at any given point in time. My hope is that the Bulletin Board will be a helpful communication tool at a time when we are moving very quickly as a company to do a lot of things for the first time in a very short period of time.

If the Bulletin Board helps, we'll keep it going. If not, we will chalk it up to something we tried and then move on to something else.

As always, I appreciate your constant enthusiasm and active discussion about Tesla on our forum, TMC and other forums and I hope to provide as many answers as possible on as many subjects as possible…we'll see how it goes :)



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    This is great news. May I suggest you also post this in the Model S section for the best visibility?
    We met in Toronto at the new store opening.
    Thanks for your candid answers to all of our questions.
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    George, a question for you: I have a bunch of suggestions for improving the cars, and also for options Tesla could offer that would increase margins and make customers happy with little to no additional complexity. I've also heard others make some very good suggestions.

    To whom, and how, should we send all those suggestions so that Tesla can benefit as much as possible from them?
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    Normally I would roll my eyes, and say, "Yeah, right!" on reading a post like yours. But your comments here and at TMC have been very good, very insightful and constructive. So you might actually have something to offer.

    But don't underestimate the range of issues TM management has already considered, dealt with, juggled, and "optimized" within the constraints of available resources. IOW, assume and acknowledge up front that you are ignorant of many of TM's obligations, needs, resources, opportunities, obstacles, and plans.
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    Rome wasn't built in a day. Tesla is taking on an immense project that no one has been successful at for many years. Brian has got it right. By all means post new suggestions. The Tesla folks do look at this forum and the forum.
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    The new Bulletin Board section was very useful. I really appreciated the information. Thanks for responding to our questions and concerns!
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