Model X

Switching from 5 seat to 6 seat?

Whats the best way to switch from a 5 seat model x to a 6 seat or 4 seat?

After picking up my Model X 2 days ago, it just didn't feel the same as the test drive version.

I realize now the 5 seater makes it seem more claustrophobic and smaller on the interior, where as the 6 seat i test drove felt like a rocket ship where all astronauts strap into their seats. The 5 seater just has a bench instead of the rocket ship seats in the back.

Is there a way to get tesla to swap out the seats to 4 or 6 version?

Also I still have 5 days to return it for a full refund.

Is tesla cool with the refund and swap for new version?

Its hard to spend 100k on a car and not be picky about it being exactly what you want.


  • I'm about 99% sure they can't modify an existing car with a different seat configuration. You may need to go in and ask, but I suspect a return and reorder is your only option. I think they have a 90-day wait on reorders if you do a return, but perhaps they will waive that if you explain what you want. Good luck!
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