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Tesla destination charging issues

I traded my 2016 X for a new 2020 one last month. I hit the road Sunday stopped at a hotel in Vail with a destination charger. The next morning, no additional power shown. They told me that it was indeed plugged in. Then we drove here to Utah to a resort with two destination chargers. Neither worked to charge my X. Weird. Plugging in to 110 was charging at just 3 miles per hour! So, I drove the car instead this morning a half hour to Page where there was a Supercharger, which completed the mission in an hour. What in the world is the story with these destination chargers and the new model X? The hotel here says it happened with another X too. Would have been a disaster if not for the Page supercharger.


  • Destination chargers are the responsibility of the destination charger's owner, not Tesla. Most are maintained well, but some not so much. I always check via the app a few minutes after I start a charge to be sure it's still running. If it's completely dead, it may just be the breaker. You can always ask for the owners to check.

    Of course, it could be they turn it off purposely, so they don't have to pay for the electricity.
  • Yep TT. . . happened to me at a ma & pa motel in Brimley, MI outside of Sault Ste Marie last summer. Was told that I was the first person to have used the destination charger. Plugged in, but nothing happened. Had to show the night manager where the breaker was to activate the circuit for the charger to function. Like Reagan who so famously quoted an old Russian proverb once said . . . "Trust, but verify!"
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