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What happens to owners of Model S that bought their car around a year ago? My car based on what i'm still paying is more expensive than a new, longer range model S.
This is so unfair.. I bought my model S June 2019, a week later Elon slashed price, and now price is slashed twice in a week.
I'm here sitting with a model S with price tag over 80k even after paying for over 1 year 4 months. @TESLA do something fair please


  • Most luxury goods companies never lower prices whether it be cars, watches or fountain pens. They know they need to maintain value for customers who paid a premium price. They may incentivize or bring out a new model with different features at a lower price but they don’t take a dump on last week’s customers. Tesla doesn’t have the flexibility to spin their models that way and the S/X sales have tanked so price cuts are all they can offer of substance. If they gave away supercharging or FSD that would anger customers too. These are mature products in decline and Tesla is struggling to keep them selling rather than discontinue them. Plaid is a pipe dream. They may sell a few if they ever build it. They are losing the low end to competitors who are building cars today and are just giving away the high end to cars that have yet to hit the market. You got caught in the middle and you can take $5500 off resale value right now. There will be more cuts followed by discontinuation of the S
  • It hurts. But that’s how it goes. Nothing new. Buy a tv today, newer cheaper model comes out right after the return period is past. You buy at what you think is fair market value. What happens tomorrow is irrelevant.....

    My S75 trade-in for the Plaid is looking uglier every day. Will probably be upside down. So I sell it, keep it, or don’t get the Plaid. That’s life.
  • Heres a solution. Dont ever buy anything that improves because at some point a better version of it at a cheaper price will be offered later on in the world of free market.

    Time to go back to being cavemen.
  • I bought a plasma TV in 2007 for over $2000. They don't even make them anymore. It's one of my best long-lasting gadgets. I hope my Tesla and the company will last even longer.

    I bought an Apple computer's worth of AAPL and now I could buy a car with the current value of my investment.
  • It is a technology product dressed up as a luxury product. If you didn't understand that before buying, that is your fault, not Tesla's. They go on and on about it being a technology product.
  • Who here is pissed about Amazon Prime Day?
  • > @Bighorn said:
    > Who here is pissed about Amazon Prime Day?

    I had bought the Litter Genie last week and saw it listed as a Prime Day Deal. I didn't look to see how much I overspent. It was one of the things that I got to revamp our litter system. Those extra days with the use of the Genie were worth it!
  • I’m not convinced the $69,420 response to Lucid’s pricing structure is permanent. The novel discount did not extend to the Performance model.
  • Its because Elon is a meme lord. He doesnt care what people think. Thats why when his company went profitable during a pandemic he released short shorts at $69.420, he literally put an extra zero at the end to just make the joke. "The stock is really high, lol" when it reached $420 for the first time.

    UGH the stock price is higher today than last week, i am mad because i didnt buy more and Tesla should issue me free shares.
  • My $43,000 2013 Ford Fusion Energi is now worth about $10,000. Ford is stopping the production of sedans to only build trucks and SUVs (pseudo trucks). Maybe it will eventually go back up in value. I'm not holding my breath.
  • Doubt it. Everyone knows that the vehicles have been discontinued and are increasingly worthless to a company that decided not to compete in that category anymore. I would personally either get out before it goes any lower, or drive it into the ground.
  • Wait, the OP was being serious?
  • Funny how folks with “tesla” in their handle can be the most unhinged.
  • I resent that :) Then again I do get unhinged at the endless lies fish creates...
  • @""
  • > @Bighorn said:
    > Funny how folks with “tesla” in their handle can be the most unhinged.

    Better than being unriveted.
  • Ya but TT, you have the technical knowledge to explain how you came unhinged...…… :-)
  • There's a titanium plate for that.
  • Tesla announces Tesla Prime day:
  • Every time there is a price drop there is a crybaby post like this. Waaaaa!

    I bought a Model S about a year ago. I say, "Good for the newbies!"

    It'll mean more zero emission vehicles on the road. A win-win.
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