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Extremely disappointing customer support by Tesla Energy team

My roof solar rental system was down for many months. I tried contacting customer support with no success for many months. When finally I could connect to Customer Support, they gave me appoint after 6months for the repairs. But I was charged monthly with weird amount even if there was no solar production. Customer support on email said , they have to charge per contact and it will be adjusted in future bills.
The story does not end here, today I recieved an email with a note " Thank you for speaking with us today. This email confirms that we have resolved and closed your inquiry." without even speaking with their customer support.
Highly disappointing and unprofessional support. I am thinking of reporting Tesla to BBB and filing a consumer complaint against them. Anyone else had this kind of experience?


  • The BBB is a worthless, toothless organization. "A+" ratings are given out like candy, regardless of the number of complaints vs good results ratio.

    You are way better off reporting to Yelp or some such. For some reason, modern companies pay more attention to more modern tools.
  • hmmm... making me re-think my Solar Roof order....
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