Model S

Sudden Breaking while Driving on Autopilot and also on Cruise Control

Yesterday i was driving on Autopilot on Highway and My car suddenly applied heavy brakes with No vehicle nearby or in front or even changing lanes and also this happened when i was using just cruise control and suddenly my car applied brakes with No reason- I was really scared and almost Killed if there was any vehicle approaching from back and hit me
Kindly let me know if any one else has felt the same issue recently
i am on latest version update, Kindly get me or send some solution or FIX ASAP otherwise somebody can get killed.

Need Immediate attention!!


  • TESLA Model S 100
  • Pushing on the accelerator pedal when that happens will override the braking. It's usually caused by shadows from underpasses or very large trees at the side of the road.
  • If you search or even browse the forums, you’ll find plenty of other threads about this. By the way, Tesla doesn’t monitor these forums, so if you want them to fix something, you need to submit a bug report or contact Support.
  • Never happened to me on AP1, but a bunch of times in an AP2 loaner.
  • As @murphyS90D says, shadows from overpasses are the most common. Occasionally, shadows from trucks in another lane will also trigger it.
  • i dont have a Model S, but i've had a few sudden braking events one with sun shadows through trees and a couple from big highway signs hanging over the road.
  • Just experienced 2021 MY two sudden breaking events while in Cruise Control & Autosteer (not FSD) at freeway speeds. No nearby traffic (thank goodness behind), no sharp shadows (late day cloudy skies), no overhead signs, no nearby tractor trailers.
    Extremely disturbing!
  • Lol he posted same in Model 3. Seems legit. Next
  • BH - are you sure nothing broke?
  • My car routinely auto brakes while in Autopilot on an open highway. It is really disturbing. I'm worried that I'm going to get hit from behind. Should I take this in for service or is it something that needs to be fixed via an update?
  • Suggest service request via the App.

    Can't say more without knowing the car details, HW, AP version, etc.
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