Model 3

No orientation

I just recently purchased Model 3, at delivery they didn’t gave any into or orientation. There are thousands of questions and annoying


  • Honestly, you aren’t missing much. You will learn far more by reading the manual, which is something you should do regardless. Read the manual and if you still have questions, just go to the showroom and ask an advisor.
  • Please read the User Manual first,

    After that, there are quite a few owners here who'd like to answer your top 10 questions. Please let us know. This forum is here just for new owners who have questions!
  • sheldon_mike +1

    Also you can use the search feature on this forum. I doubt you will be able to come up with a question that hasn’t been asked and answered.
  • I’m also a newbie. The people here are great.

    The Tesla people showed me how to set the wipers to Auto. I thought that was nice. They also helped me how to pair with the fob I had brought with me, and I think they helped me with the gear shift but I had figured that out from the manual.

    The user interface is complicated so it takes a while to figure out how to set all the options but at least you know they’re all on some screen somewhere!
  • Full disclosure-this is my first post. I took delivery a month ago and I felt the orientation was a bit rushed as well. But I was comfortable enough based on the information I obtained here and elsewhere to make the hour plus drive back home in the dark. Definitely read the manual as others have suggested and drive often. That is how proficiency is built. Good luck!
  • And don't feel like you need to learn it all at once. First learn the basics such as setting up your profile. That will teach you how to adjust the seats, mirrors and such. There is a searchable user manual you can pull up on the screen too.
  • I suspect Covid is the reason for the lack of orientation. My delivery was touchless. I had to call the delivery person just to find out how to turn off the 4 way flashers the SC left on.

    IMHO First learn how to 1 pedal drive. :-)
  • First, congrats to new owners on joining us here in the future..... :-)

    As stated, read the owners manual, watch the videos that Tesla has on their website. I also highly recommend seeing if there is an owners club in your area. Start with a FB search.
  • > @gmr6415 said:
    > And don't feel like you need to learn it all at once. First learn the basics such as setting up your profile. That will teach you how to adjust the seats, mirrors and such. There is a searchable user manual you can pull up on the screen too.

    Oh, yes, they helped me set up my driver profile, including how to adjust the mirrors and seats.

    I took a few slow circles of the parking lot to get a feel for the car and then drove it 20 miles on the highway back home.
  • Isn't there a "Quick Start" guide for the Tesla kind of like for setting up new computer? Thought I got one when I purchased mine.

    The orientation was more doing the paperwork. How to turn on and leave the dealership and on to next customer.

    Prior to Covid, if you had questions you could drive back and one of the techs wold answer the questions. Convenient if the dealership is close by.
  • A lot of good newbie tips on this thread. The thoroughness of the orientation often depends on how busy the delivery center is. If you're taking delivery during the end-of-quarter rush, they won't have much time to spend with you. Come prepared.
  • Sigh. FISHEV is present. Over the years, FISH had a M3; no he didn't, no he drove a Kona, no he didn't, a week ago he was driving a Subaru, etc., etc.
    Public Service Announcement:
    FISHEV is a known troll of several years standing and several user
    names who pushes an anti Tesla narrative. Please
    take his opinions with a grain of salt, avoid any advice he may
    suggest, and do not let him implant any Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt
    about Tesla or your car into your own opinion.
    Fish lays in wait for newbies and comes out with negative, nonsensical stuff (usually) in the hopes of tripping them, or Tesla up, or confusing people who come to check out the Tesla forums. While FISH probably qualifies as a "regular", a "regular troll who never learns" is more like it.
  • I found the Tesla video guides are very helpful for the basics

    After that, this forum, Tesla Motors Club forums and "if all else fails, read the manual" covers most new owner questions.

  • I was very disappointed when I took delivery and did not get an orientation either. Every other can I have ever purchased, I was walked through everything and assisted with connecting my phone. An orientation is especially important on a car like this where everything is based through the screen and technology heavy. I have even read through the entire owners manual twice before taking delivery and still did not understand everything. Sometimes is nice to just have a feature shown to you in the car instead of trying to figure out how it works by reading about it.
  • Evey car I bought I told I don't need orientation bc I knew more than sales rep did about cars I decided to purchase.
  • It's a touchless delivery process right now because of COVID. I got an orientation when I bought in 2018 but I also got a pre-delivery email advising me to watch the introductory videos.
  • In practice I am not sure it would make much difference. If they explain more things, then you might remember 3 things out of 10.

    The only thing I wish I have known was how to use the fluid for the wipers as it was winter and I didn’t realize that I can depress the button fully.

    Not sure if they forget to explain it or if I was not listening carefully.
  • What you need to know at delivery are, P, D, R, Brake, Accel.
  • @Pepperidge, and how to adjust the mirrors and the HVAC.

    When I picked mine up and then took an hour drive home on the highway in Central FL, they hadn't shown me either. I had a tough time changing lanes because the mirrors were way off for me, and the HVAC was set to fan only. Way too hot for Central FL.
  • I am glad you figured out how to open a door /s
  • I have noticed interesting correlation between "pilot" age and time needed to move with Tesla
    Like my sis, she is 47, and it took to me like 15 min instruction prior she could start to drive car
    Her son, 12 (obviously - not legal to be behind the wheel at all), interested in anything that moves. I didn't say a word to him, just gave card. After like 60 secs car was on driveway, departing away :smiley:
    Those are most extreme cases, but as a rule - younger drivers find Tesla's logic comprehensible (I just hope that's the correct word here) while older folks are claiming that buttons are missing and dashboard is not like the one used to be in decent cars
  • > @Heliogabals said:
    > I have noticed interesting correlation between "pilot" age and time needed to move with Tesla.”

    I think that’s kind of a not so true cliche. Computers et all been around a long time and lot of those “old folks” designed and built them.
  • Lol sure Fish. You are the best guy who doesn't know how car functions.
  • Try viewing the Tutorials in your car. Just go to the bottom of your screen a select the entertainment icon, and go from there.
  • Nah too hard for some people
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