Model Y

Gen 3 Wall Charger Voltage

Just a heads up in case you charge at less than rated capacity

I recently installed a Gen 3 wall charger at our shop. Voltage here is 208 on single phase which is very standard in large building being fed 600v 3 phase where they bump it down to 208 via a stepdown transformer. I just found out why my MY will not charge at the rated 77kph. Well at 208v all you get is 59-60KPH. It does charge at 48A though.

Home wiring fed by dual 120v lines will not have this issue since you will get the 240v as opposed to 208 and it should charge at 77kph.


  • Not sure about kph but I know the 208 charges slower here is an example for mph.

    240 VAC * 32A = 7.7 kW (~31 mi/hr) - North American, home split phase voltage
    208 VAC * 32A = 6.6 kW (~26 mi/hr) - North American, 3-phase, business voltage
  • Thanks for the confirmation. I may instal a buck boost transformer to bump it up to 240, just saying this is an option for faster charging however it will cost as much if not more than the Gen 3 wall charger. Here is a link to the unit.
  • Big price tag just to gain a little on the speed of charge only way to know if it is worth it is for you to answer the question "do you need the extra speed?".

    If yes worth it if not really save the $630.
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