Model Y

Delivery dates delay, VIN not assigned yet


I have placed order on 10/3 for White/Black Interior with 19 inch wheels. Has anyone got VIN assigned to them with a order date after 10/3 and if yes, did you get the delivery date?
Unfortunately I am not getting any response from Tesla advisor after multiple messages and calls.


  • I ordered a white on white with 20” wheels on 10/2 and got my VIN 10/12. Got text and email from tesla on 10/14 about picking up the car on 10/16. So, I’ll be picking it up tomorrow at Fremont, CA.
  • You just ordered 2 weeks ago. Give them time to build it or were you planning to just call every day?
  • Deliveries vary by location, build configuration (FSD moves to front of line), and phase of the moon.
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