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2020 Model S owner asking for an apology or a refund

I am asking for a refund or an apology from Elon. I bought my first new car in March 2020 at age 52, a Tesla model S. I have worked hard, raised two kids and splurged big time on this. The huge payments, I told myself were worth it since I wasn't paying for gas plus it's my dream car! I now own a car that I paid over $10,000 more for 7 months ago that is substandard to the current model. If a company drops a price so significantly when your product is still under warranty, allow us to return it for a refund. I feel we are the true customer and often biggest fans(current owners). Some degree of acknowledgement for being screwed like an apology would be appreciated. If you feel the same way perhaps we can use are voices to at least get acknowledged.


  • Lol are you gonna post this on every forum section?
  • And of you are going to wage such a campaign, be consistent. You should do the same for every car, service, and product that you buy where you miss out on a sale or price change.

    You should also advocate for everyone who does not get to take advantage of a sale or price change that you benefit from, no matter how big or small.

    To do less invites criticism for your motives. Let us know if you are willing to go to those lengths and upend the established consumer model that currently exists in a global scale for goods and services.

    Good luck.
  • The good news is that Tesla's resale price is higher than the industry average. You buy a luxury car from someone other than Tesla and as soon as you drive it off the lot you have lost 20%. Tesla price changes are sudden but often at a car dealership every customer pays a different price since the sticker is often the max price the dealer will charge. Tesla prices are at a specific moment in time the same for all customers. I agree it is a tough thing to buy one day and within 24 hours see a sudden 7% reduction. You might have bought a Porsche Taycan only to discover a Tesla Model S was a better car and $50,000 cheaper.
  • OMG I bought a thing X amount of time ago and now thats being offered today at X reduced price with X additional features and improvements.

  • My year old iphone now 50% cheaper! I want my refund
  • How many people ask for a refund during toyotathon? 0

    6 months after many bought tvs from bestbuy are now looking at a lower price for their tv at bastbuy. How many asked or will get a difference refund or apology? 0
  • Tesla does not need to apologize for making their products better.

    @nrd888 you need to apologize to Tesla for insinuating that improving your product is bad.
  • If you bought an iPhone 11 in March, it just became a legacy product this week. It’s the product life cycle. Tesla has been more jumpy and even crass with price cuts but the pattern was already established. I would say offer some goodies to anyone who bought in the last 30 days as a courtesy; free supercharging, for instance. Hey, I bought an S and 23 days later they added AP1 at no charge. They knew that was in the pipeline and said nothing to me. It did not impact my use or enjoyment of the car (they found other ways to do that years later).
  • > @dougk71_98361441 said:
    > The good news is that Tesla's resale price is higher than the industry average. You buy a luxury car from someone other than Tesla and as soon as you drive it off the lot you have lost 20%.

    I don't agree. My 2017 S75D has depreciated just as much as any car in the same price range. Which is to say it depreciated a ton. And I also lost 20% if not more as soon as I drove it away from Tesla. This is not a complaint. It's just expected depreciation for a luxury car. Tesla is no different in this respect.
  • You want an apology or refund? Fair enough. Here is your apology:

    We are very sorry that you are upset we lowered our price so even more people can afford the enjoyment of our vehicles.
  • I have this problem with the stock market all the time. Oddly enough, none of the companies I own whose stock has gone down has offered me an apology or refund of the difference. What a world.
  • OP, you should thank all the owners who went before you and experienced a bigger depreciation so that you could afford a Tesla.
  • Also, you should thank the Tesla employees who worked so hard to lower the cost of making an awesome EV so that you could afford one.
  • Op = moron.
  • "Rrrrrriiiiiiighhht ..." - Dr. Evil
  • lol what an idiot for posting this. I’m sure he never bought anything in his life and saved every penny and bought a Tesla and now complaining. age 54 the old man lost it when Tesla dropped the price. Of course he is not happy that his nephew can now own a Tesla at age 25!
  • I paid more for my car 3 years ago and my car is a CPO!

    You owe me an apology for making me read this crap!
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