Model S

2016 S (HW3 MSU2 FSD) missing speed limit signs on freeways

My 2016 S90D does not show speed limit signs on city streets very well - small print, dull images and only as you are abreast of signs, and frequently misses the signs altogether on 4 lane freeways. Also the speed limit signs have no effect on autopilot speed. Are other Model S owners seeing the same thing, or is this situation a function of the older cameras in the first 2016 Model S cars with HW2?


  • Do you have HW3 as you said in the title or HW2 as you said in your post?

    I have a 2018 S with HW3, FSD, and MCU2, and my car doesn’t respond to some speed limit changes based on reading signs. Note that autopilot doesn’t automatically adjust speed for speed limit changes unless you’re on secondary roads.
  • In addition to what EVRider posted, I believe you need 2020.40.4 to read signs on highways.
  • The first “FSD Capable” cars were the 2016 S and X and they had HW2 computers. I’m not sure about exact timing but later in 2017 HW2.5 was introduced and other improvements such as better color cameras. We were told that if we purchased the FSD capability when we purchased the car that our computer would be replaced when Tesla finished design and testing of their own silicon, which would replace the Mobile Eye / Nvidia computers. This summer we could finally have HW3 installed and i also paid $2,500 to upgrade to MCU2. So it cost $7,500 to upgrade to the present HW3 with MCU2 - which is pretty close to the $8,000 cost of FSD when you buy a new new Tesla today. I do have 2020.40.4.
  • Related to the above there was a YouTube video showing an owner with Model S of same vintage as mine showing step by step how to replace the cameras on the B Pillars with the new cameras. I wonder if that would help. Also wonder if Tesla Service Center would do that for me and what charge would be. Apparently Tesla will sell you the new cameras - I seem to remember that cost for parts was around $1,000.
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