Any way to look up specific Tesla service, recall, repair history by VIN?

I am considering buying a 2016 Tesla from a second owner in FL. The Carfax report shows a 2018 California Service Facility visit, with "mechanical issue reported" and "vehicle towed" indications. However, there is no sign this car has been crashed or damaged in a collision. Is there any way Tesla can look up the VIN to help me understand this event? My thinking is this could be benign if possibly a recall or factory fix, but I worry in the absence of information that this might be more problematic signal. Any ideas?


  • Pretty sure you can get service details from carfax if you pay.
  • No, Tesla will not give you an information about the car because it is not your car.

    Also, I wouldn’t out too much stock in Carfax reports. A car could be completely mangled and repaired without it showing up on a Carfax report. Carfax can only report, what has been reported.........
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