Model Y

Accepted delivery, only 1 issue!

Ordered our blue/black long range MY August 9, finally got notification of delivery 9/29, and went to pick up the car on 9/30. I love it!!! There was one problem with the front right wheel well liner (cracked), but they are sending out a mobile team to fix it next week. They would've fixed it at the Sacramento Tesla location, but they didn't have the part. Right on the spot they offered to fix it at my home (I am kind of far from this location). I was pleasantly surprised by this, having read the forums and other sources reporting bad experiences at pickup and with service after people accepted delivery.

Just delighted so far with my new baby, and can't wait to drive it on a longer trip (Tahoe? And then maybe Las Vegas?). I love not having to stop at the gas station anymore. What a relief!

I think part of my good service was getting to know my salesperson and making a real connection with him. He is quick to take my calls and respond to my texts, even when the problem isn't one he is able to solve (i.e. he is in the sales, not the service department). He has been able to smooth the way for me to actually talk to a person or get a quicker response from the service folks.

All around an excellent experience with Tesla so far (after, of course, waiting forever for the car itself). Fingers crossed that my positive experience continues.


  • Great to see positive posts.
  • always great to be on a first name basis and form a relationship wherever you do business...and Tesla no different. Congrats on the new model Y
  • Congrats on getting your car. Also, thank you for posting a positive thread about the Y's build quality. I am not saying that all of the other quality issues threads are blown out of proportion, but on the internet one person can post a problem, then 50 people comment on it and suddenly its a huge problem because 50 people are talking about it...….

    Also most people don't notice or care about a gap that is 2 mm off.

    CR rates Teslas as not reliable, yet it is the brand with the highest satisfaction rating. So clearly all the "issues" that give it an unreliable rating are not really "issues".
  • Congrats! I took delivery of my blue LR AWD on 9/29 (VIN 49xxx) and it only had 3 cosmetic issues. 2 of which were fixed at my first service appointment. The 3rd (small gap where the passenger headlight meets the front bumper/hood) was deemed as 'in spec', which I'm fine with.

    Overall, if you read the forums and watch YouTube vids, one would think the MY has a TON of issues...but it doesn't. :smile:
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