Model S

Deposit, but no return?

7 days no questions asked return policy for new cars ended last night.

I don't try to talk people into buying Tesla anymore, because I can't explain all these policy changes.



  • I don't try to talk them out of buying a Tesla either.
  • Same here. Let them do their own research. Mine indicates a MS, pre M3 epoch is best.
  • Still the best car on the road....if they won’t buy it; someone else will!
  • Tesla cancelled their confidence-inspiring 7 day return policy? Wonder why?

    Could it be because too many Teslas look as if they were built by drunks and painted with mops?

    JD Power says they have the worst quality of all the cars sold in the country (now you know why Tesla won't supply JD Power with customer information):

    And don't forget the horrible customer service:

    And the last time I recommended a Tesla to a friend-- in San Jose, CA-- he sold his Lexus LS and went to pick up his car, only to find it had been shipped to Hawaii. They got him another car, but it took two weeks and he had to rent a car in the meantime. Compensation? HA HA HA HA HA HA

    With record sales, there's zero incentive for Tesla to improve their quality or service. And in fact both seem to be getting worse, to an almost comical level. Remember the reports of parts of Model X roofs coming off while the vehicle was in motion?

    How about the _entire roof_ coming off!

    So, no, after 7 years of Model S ownership, and four other Model S sales based on my then-enthusiastic endorsement, I no longer recommend Teslas to anyone looking for an EV.
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