Model S

Infotainment upgrade and XM radio

I upgraded my 2018 MS infotainment chip/screens ($2500!) which removed my factory XM antenna. The only thing I actually used XM for was to listen to CNBC which I assumed I would receive through TuneIn. I was wrong. Although the channel loads instantly using TuneIn on the devices in my home, TuneIn in the car reports an error loading the station. If I cycle through this and that and deleted the station as a favorite and try loading 4 or 5 times I can generally pick it up. So annoying. Anyone else have this issue?


  • Tesla has been very clear that the one negative of the MCU2 upgrade is the AM/FM/XM will no longer work. They didn't remove the antenna or anything else. Actually, your old radio is still in the car, but it has analog outputs, where MCU2 only accepts radios with digital outputs. New cars with MCU2 come with digital radios.

    Here's a lot more about it:
  • The Infotainment page has been changed to reflect that the FM/XM Tuner will be possible to retain in Q4 2020.

    Can’t link you direct to it. But scroll down to the 2nd paragraph after the table.

    The information also explains there is not price difference having FM radio installed after MCU2 Upgrade or during MCU2 Upgrade.

    Ta-Daaaaa, we are running out of things to complain about. Well, some of us.
  • This is good news! To be clear, there is an extra cost (unknown) to get FM or FM/XM with the MCU2 upgrade. It requires the replacement of the old analog radio with a digital one along with an additional wiring harness to connect between the radio and MCU2.
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