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The first service appointment I could make for what I consider a serious issue was five weeks out. I took it. Three or four days before the appointment I received a text message from my Orlando service center (an hour and a half away) informing me that vehicle would not even be looked at for 3 to 5 days if I brought it in as scheduled and suggesting that I reschedule on the app. The first available date was, you guessed it, five weeks after my scheduled appointment. I am keeping the original appointment date and I will just have to be without a car for who knows how long. To add to the annoyance, no loaner will be available and the offered Uber credits are of no use to me. Heretofore I have enthusiastically sung the virtues of my car when asked, and I still will but with a qualifier: Great car, terrible service.


  • 20-30 days seems to be the norm for all kinds of repairs. I was 20 days for an air filter change, might have been longer as Tesla was waiting for parts but I had the parts.

    What is the repair?

    I use Enterprise in these situations as they will pick you up at the dealer and you can drop the car off at the dealer or they will give you a ride back.
  • @ccc - disappointing it takes so long. You might check if there are any other service centers nearby that are not as loaded.

    I just checked, and I could get an appointment in 4 days (Bay area - with the most Teslas). Now if you wanted one specific day of the week at some very specific time, it may take longer. Saturdays seem quite popular and it could be a few weeks. I expect some specific locations may also take longer, but to make a blanket statement that 20-30 days is the norm, is just another FISH lie.
  • "Tesla owners are frustrated with the wait times for services"
  • > @"" said: > I just checked, and I could get an appointment in 4 days."

    " App appointment making me wait until November 2nd. "

    14 days for mere mortals and that for a priority, disabled car.
  • Yep, we agree it would be nice that there would never be a delay to get service. A few people are annoyed that they have had to wait for longer than expected times. That unfortunate and that's why they appear in the forums every month or so, compared with hundreds of thousands of service appointments that people have no issue with, but don't find the time to bother creating a forum post over fine service.

    Perhaps you should buy a Hyundai Kona that you are promoting in so many threads. Of course, there is a stop sell order on them right now due to battery fires. I'm sure they will fix them quickly, once they figure out the problem. After they make new batteries in Korea and get them shipped over to the USA. Maybe 2 - 3 months.

    Then there is your beloved Ford. Opps - they have huge wait times due to parts problems:
    "Jul 27, 2020 — Ford dealers say parts they need for a common repair are taking weeks ...".

    I know you also love your imaginary MachE. Too bad Ford is using LG batteries and may suffer more delays if they have the same problems as Hyundai.
  • > @"" said: > I know you also love your imaginary MachE. "

    You mean these "imaginary" MachE's

    Or these "imaginary" MachE's?

    Or these "imaginary" MachE's?

    If they offer me one this year, not likely, I'll take it but I get another $2,500 if I wait until May 2021 which is probably the realistic date.

    There will be lots of EV choices at that point so who knows. MachE looks to be the best US mfg prospect.
  • Well, you still don't have yours, don't you Troll?
  • Cars on a carrier or a prototype at a dealer are not in any owner's hands in the USA. It may be soon, but not today and unlikely in 2020. So they are imaginary as far as USA ownership is concerned. Also, Ford cannot sell any in the USA until they get the EPA certification. I haven't seen that yet.

    Perhaps the MachE does have the best press release of the latest press releases. Hard to care.
  • I don’t understand people who buy a car knowing the nearest service center is hours away, and then complain about the nearest service center being hours away.
  • “ for what I consider a serious issue”

    Could have actually told us the issue with the same effort, why the evasiveness?
  • “The best service is no service.” - Elon
  • > @narrenschiff_92841313 said: > “The best service is no service.” - Elon"

    Tesla provides a lot of service. Line for service at Tesla was as long as Toyota Service last Thursday. Service wait is 20-30 days. Service revenue up big in 2019 $500M.

    The high maintenance Teslas may be skewing the curve for EVs though.
  • Fish you were saying same crap year ago. GTFOH
  • Only FISH is high maintenance from all his BS. Service wait is more often days, but yes, there can be some centers that are loaded at times. Just like any manufacture.
  • He literally used same wording year ago. So sloppy
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