Hybrid Air Tesla Idea

Have compressed air motor electrical generator runs off 5000 psi to produced electricity to recharge batteriess.There has been a few cars & vans made that where powered by the compressed air motor that would run up to 6 hrs or more.Imagine converting it into a electrical generator.Put on semi truck or trailer or car or cyber truck or even your house.Exchange 5000 psi tanks when needed even mount in any vehicle with safety harnesses


  • Seems like an unnecessary use of space and complexity versus merely plugging in.
  • How about using the windmill method. Small electrical generator turning as wind turns prop running power to recharge batteries as you drive.Placing a row of these in grill or underneath vehicle or where ever.Even a rubber roller on generator touching each tire to turn it or shaft.Do the math first.Could be a major increase in battery power & distance.
  • Make a wheel with a generator on it to produce power or hub cap.You could run wire still to recharging system.
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    That would have the opposite effect.

    Compressed gas turning a generator can work since you bring the compressed gas from outside the system. The battery would expend more energy to move the windmill than the windmill could return to the battery. The thermodynamics sheriffs office enforces their laws strictly, but it's fun to imagineer.
  • Yep, this comes up every month or two. While technically you can do something as you suggest, it only wastes energy. It's a perpetual motion machine, which is not feasible.

    In simple terms, by putting a windmill or wheel generators, they require the vehicle's motor to work even harder. Since every conversion of mechanical to electrical and electrical to mechanical is not 100% efficient, you will lose energy as waste heat, and you'll get even less range in such a vehicle.
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