Model 3

Suggestion for Climate Control improvement

Have separate temp settings for "heat to" and "cool to".

As the weather gets colder, I often want the AC on when I'm driving in the daytime and the heater on when I'm driving at night.

When it's warm outside, I'm dressed for warm weather, and cooling the car to 78° or so is fine. In the evening, I'm dressed for cooler weather, and heating the car to 66° is fine.

Because my Model 3 has only one temp setting, I frequently have to reset it. Sometimes I'm driving at night and suddenly notice the car is trying to heat to 78 degrees. Home thermostats have had separate heating and cooling settings for years.

My car should too. If it did, I'd might never have to touch the temperature control again.


  • I've just ordered a new thermostat for my home. Basically it allows setting a "no lower" temperature and a "no higher" temperature and turns on the AC or heating as necessary. Tesla should have a similar setting with the addition of adding outside air to the mix.
  • > @ARKEBUS said:
    > Sounds good to me.
    > I would also like to see a simple fan-only option, to bring in fresh air without heating or cooling.

    Yes, is there no setting for fan only? I’ve been searching for it. I turn off the climate control but I guess I don’t get a fan.
  • I agree with both suggestions, fan only and separate heating and cooling temperatures.
    This time of year is when it's needed most.
    This would improve the efficiency for short trips.
  • Turn off the AC button, turn off recycle, adjust the temp to lower than outside and you will get fan only fresh outside air.
  • Adjust temps from your app before entering car and you won’t need to fiddle with the screen inside the car. Sure, you’re fiddling with a smaller screen, but it’s an option.

    Also, try positing your suggestions on Elon’s Twitter; Thats most often where he sees and occasionally responds, to suggestions.
  • > @M3phan said:
    > Turn off the AC button, turn off recycle, adjust the temp to lower than outside and you will get fan only fresh outside air.

  • I like the suggestion of the OP. My home thermostat does the same, setting a minimum temperature below which heat comes on, and a maximum temperature above which the A/C turns on. In between those two temperatures just run the fan without heating or cooling.

    In the past I have suggested a comparable dual temperature setting for the Keep Climate On feature. For example, don't turn on the climate system in a parked car unless the cabin temperature exceeds 85 or falls below 50. Cabin Overheat Protection uses 105 degrees, which is too high for my taste. And Keep Climate On runs climate control constantly to target a single temperature, which wastes more energy than you need to in a parked car.
  • There’s no need to suffer. Unlike your home, its only on when you’re in the car. People struggle enough with understanding how automobile HVAC works already.
  • 105° internal cabin temp is perfectly fine/harmless to a car interior. Just set the car to cool before getting in from your app.
  • "Turn off the AC button, turn off recycle, adjust the temp to lower than outside and you will get fan only fresh outside air."
    Yes, that works but when you get back in at lunch time you need to adjust again. Or always keep the A/C off. Not a great solution in September.
    That's our point. We agree with you most of the year, but sometimes it is a pain in the a..
  • @ Tom11-18, yes, that’s true. It’s a work around, no doubt.
  • Usually it works quite well and you can adjust the temperature by 1 or 2 degrees if needed.

    The car can take into account multiple parameters to decide values of each controls.

    Having a range would decrease confort and make it complicate if finally you still want to adjust it.
  • A possible compromise might be an ECO mode that would avoid heating or AC for a few degrees around set temperature
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