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Tesla Solar on Standing Seam Metal Roofs?

Does anybody know if Tesla will install on standing seam metal roofs? I checked a year ago and they did not do so, but was hoping that something had changed. Thanks for your help!


  • I am trying to get panels installed on my standing seam metal roof. Tesla say they can do it but want 72 inch clearance from all roof edges which means I cannot get enough panels. I have been unable to get an explanation why 6ft clearance is needed or if there are other options.
  • The space requirements may be local fire codes. I think in our city, it's 3 feet minimum. I gather the firemen want a fair amount of space to walk over the roof if needed.
  • I had a similar local code limitation - was able to get a variance to reduce the perimeter clearance to 2 feet. I would not have gotten the variance if it was a 2 story home - variance was granted based on access that was otherwise ideal for firefighters. They did mention using fire axes on my panels if roof access to the attic space was required...they thought it was an absolute scream to tell me that...laughed while they signed off.
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