Water Crossings

I drive my Nissan Xterra across a creek that can swell quite high.
What does Testla say about water instrusion/ stream crossings?


  • For current Tesla vehicles, you shouldn't submerge the car. There have been a number of cases where Teslas went across water. For water depths under the battery, there is no problem. As you increase the water height it can get to a point where it pushes the water into a wave that is many times higher and flowing over the hood - not so good. The cabin is not designed to be submerged. There have been a few flooded Teslas, although you see pictures where the water level is up to the windows. Once water gets into electrical connectors on any car (ICE or EV), they are likely to corrode over time and cause endless electrical problems. Flooded cars are almost always totaled by insurance companies.

    Now the Cybertruck will have a much higher clearance than current Tesla vehicles and should handle larger depths of water, but I don't know what that dimension is yet.
  • If you keep it up on plane, depth shouldn't be an issue.
  • It will be interesting how this issue is handled. Supposedly, the Rivian starts floating at around one meter of water. Unclear if they warratee that kind of use.
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