Model 3

Idle Fee and Messaging Safety Issue

Not thrilled about getting the idling penalty for sitting 2 minutes past completion time--no one right next to me on either side so I had no idea that the station was getting more full, but I do get the concept so no problem on having to use my card to pay instead of my credits. I was sitting in my car the entire time. That said, I did not realize that I had an old card on file. I prefer to update my account at home on computer rather than from my phone. So, I now have to drive home in traffic with an alert about my supercharger account being suspended. That alert goes right over the blind spot of my driving display and there was no easy way to remove it (presumably other than updating my card). Seemed awfully passive aggressive and definitely not safe. You sent me an alert email and I just topped off my charge, so how about a 24-hour delay before putting up the warning (or wait until the car gets down to a lower range). ...and how about not creating a safety issue when you give me a not that important alert? One other thing that could use a fix: How about if I move my driver seat back all the way to relax or work on something not having it move back to the default position after a set amount of time (is this some new thing? I don't recall this happening in the past). If I put it in drive, feel free to move the seat back to the driver set position or I can do it myself. When I have a laptop in my lap, it is uncomfortable to have the laptop wedged in to my lap due to an automated reset of the seat. Who asked for this feature?


  • There’s a five minute grace period.
  • You would have gotten two alerts and even then you had 5 minutes to move your car. Why didn’t you heed the warnings?

    The idle fee only applies at 50% capacity, which is the point where users have to start sharing power. So you are slowing charging for others which is rude.
  • There is no power sharing at Urban Superchargers. Each stall is a stand alone. You get the up to 72 kW max no matter how many other units are in use. Other Superchargers have numbered A & B pedestals serviced by a single stack. If both A & B are in use, the power from the stack is being shared, regardless of whether the Supercharger location is at 50% capacity or not. If the Supercharger location is at or above 50% capacity, your charge limit will likely automatically get set to 80%, which can be overridden if necessary. This is done to increase location throughput, not because power is getting shared. If for some reason you cannot vacate your stall within 5 minutes of charging completion, at least unplug the car from the Supercharger to avoid the idle fee, but move out as soon as possible.
  • @stevenmaifert_12203
    I came across a busy urban charger set up that appeared to be sharing insofar as I only got mid 30s kWs on a low arrival charge. Conventionally, this is not thought to be the case.
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